When you hear the term” Hemp Products,” do you think “hippie” or “stoner?” Or do you think “drug deal?” The truth is that there are several excellent uses for hemp products, but some people confuse hemp with marijuana. However, hemp can be used just as well as marijuana for recreational purposes, and it has far fewer negative side effects. Here are five great ways that you can use hemp products right now!

Hemp Foods & Drinks – Hemp seeds are by far the most popular use of hemp as it is also highly nutritious. Popular among athletes and vegans, hemp seed is frequently likened to chia and flax seeds as superfoods. If you enjoy a taste of hemp cookie, try making your own homemade hemp energy drink by combining chai tea and hemp seed tea in a blender, allowing the mixture to steep.

Hemp Products – You can’t have a garden without grass! And you can’t have grass without hemp seed. Get creative with your hemp seed salads. How about hemp chili or hemp tuna wraps? You can make a simple dish of fried hemp seeds on top of baked potatoes or use them in a stir fry with onions.

Hemp Hair Products – Did you know that hemp hair care products can help you regrow your hair and eliminate your mane’s thinning and falling out? You may not have known this, but a lot of people–especially women–are turning to hemp hair products to get rid of their unsightly, unruly hair. If you want your mane to look sleek and shiny and stay healthy, you should definitely start using organic hair products made from hemp.

Hemp Jewelry – Did you know that hemp seed bracelets are hot these days? They’re popular not only among the hipsters but also among those who want to take a stand against poverty and hunger in their own way. People have been wearing hemp bracelets for centuries because of its ability to help people who are struggling. In addition to being stylish and fashionable, hemp bracelets make great gifts. You can buy them online or create your own bracelet for a friend or loved one.

Henna Hair – It’s one of the oldest forms of hair dyeing, but you may be shocked to learn that it is not only old but also quite affordable these days. Henna has been used for hundreds of years in India to dye hair and has continued to be popular in other parts of the world. In fact, ancient Egyptians valued hemp hair for its waxy texture and color. Unfortunately, chemicals were so plentiful during the industrial revolution that most of the henna used today has been washed out. But if you insist on using natural henna to dye your hair, at least try to find products that contain no chemicals or preservatives.

Hemp fuel – Did you know that hemp products could power a car? Well, not all hemp products are designed to run cars, but there are many hemp-powered vehicles on the market. If you want to go green, but still keep your car running, why not choose hemp gas? The great thing about hemp gas is that it burns cleaner than standard gasoline. Plus, it’s better for the environment, which is always a plus.

It’s not just clothing and accessories that are more hemp-friendly these days. You can even buy hemp toilet paper and bathroom tissue! The hemp in hemp products ensures that they are durable and soft – unlike cotton. Just like regular toilet paper, hemp tissue has a waxy feel. Hemp also keeps stains from forming in your carpet, pillow cases, sheets and comforter.