This recipe combines hemp seed oil with other natural goodies like aloe vera and spinach powder. It’s gentle enough for every skin type, and it feels refreshing on the face. We left this bar unscented – if you’d like, you can add an essential oil like lavender or tea tree. We recommend a light usage rate for facial products.

If you’ve never used hemp seed oil in your soap before, you’re in for a treat. It’s an amazing source of fatty acids and is thought to be anti-inflammatory. Hemp seed oil does not contain any THC or CBD.

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If you’d like to incorporate CBD into this recipe, you certainly can! Make sure the one you’re using is oil-based and free of unnecessary additives. Learn more about using CBD in bath products here:

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3.3 oz. Hemp Seed Oil (15%)
7.7 oz. Olive Oil (35%)
4.4 oz. Palm Oil (20%)
4.4 oz. Coconut Oil (20%)
2.2 oz. Jojoba Oil (10%)
2.9 oz. Lye
5.5 oz. Distilled Water (1 oz. subtracted to account for aloe concentrate)
1 Tbsp. Kaolin Clay
2 tsp. Spinach Powder
1 oz. Aloe Concentrate

2 lb. Wood Mold with Sliding Bottom
Silicone Liner for 2 lb. Wood Mold

Hemp & Aloe Soap Project:

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