This is my (whispered) how I treat my scalp psoriasis treatment 🙂

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Frequency: Do the oil treatment once every other night for the first week. Then do them once every 2 days the second week. Then do them once every 3 days the third week. Then do them once a week the 4th week. After that, do them once every 2 weeks. After the second month, your scalp should be in remission and you will only need to do oil treatments when needed (during relapses or flare-ups. This is just a suggestion of frequency. Please feel free to adjust this to your needs and how severe or not-severe your scalp is. See FAQ to find tips on how to recover from a flare up.
The quick over-view (please scroll below step 4 (in my Ebook) to see the in-depth details) : How to treat scalp psoriasis naturally:
The “quick over-view” oil treatment instructions:
1.) Apply warmed-up hemp oil on the stove. Apply it to the scalp with fingers. Massage the oil in well. Cover with a shower cap and sleep with it on overnight or during the day – for a minimum of 8 hours.
How to warm up hemp oil on the stove: />2.) The next morning, wash out the oil using the Dr bronners unscented. Apply Dr bronners to dry hair BEFORE getting hair wet. Apply and lather on the dry hair/scalp. Once lathered, wash hair and scalp in shower until oil is out of hair (about 2-3 times)
3.) Apply the apple cider vinegar (ACV) to the hair and scalp in the shower. Dilute the ACV with water about 50/50. Rinse out.
Normal shower day instructions:
4.) When you don’t need to do an oil treatment and just want to wash your hair like normal:
Use Dr Bronners unscented as the shampoo and apple cider vinegar as the conditioner/rinse. Do not use any other product on the scalp. It’s important to apply the ACV to the scalp at least every 3 days to prevent itch and dandruff. It’s ok to use other hair products on the hair (like heat protectant spray or real conditioner only on the ends of the hair) as long as you do not let those products touch the scalp. Avoid other products if possible as it can negatively affect your scalp’s recovery.
Here are all of the amazon product links that you will need in order to do my treatment:


(you can find all of the items on amazon but you can also find them in health food markets in the US and CVS pharmacy for the supporting items):

Hemp seed oil from my favorite brand:

Dr Bronners baby unscented:

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother:

Shower caps for the over night treatment:

2 Squeeze bottles with spout lids for apple cider vinegar:


Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar soap for body:

Cetaphil ultra hydrating body lotion:

Nexxus conditioner for damaged hair (for ends of hair only!*):

Mini Pan for heating oil (when not doing water bath method):

Glass measuring cup for water bath method of warming oil:


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