Joy Organics co-founder Todd Smith sheds light on the importance of lab testing and QR codes for any business that wants to succeed in the CBD space. Third-party lab testing goes a long way when it comes to building trust. If you care about the credibility of your CBD business, then you simply cannot afford to sell CBD products that haven’t been tested by internal labs and especially third-party labs. Independent lab testing goes a long way when it comes to building trust. Every batch of CBD products must be tested individually to make sure that the CBD products you’re selling are effective and safe to use.

At Joy Organics, we pride ourselves in testing every single ingredient in our products and every single end batch of CBD products. There are different types of lab testing. The first one is done on the raw hemp oil, extracted from phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. This test only shows the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the product—nothing more. Joy Organics provides the internal lab reports as well as the third-party lab reports on every batch of CBDs. Independent lab reports are done at Columbia Food Labs, one of the most reputable and credible labs in the US. Columbia Food Labs is ISO-certified and has been in business since 1975.

What does Joy Organics test for? In a nutshell, we test for absolutely everything. More specifically, we test for pesticides, heavy metals, microorganisms, and more. We also test for potency. This means that when you’re selling a Joy Organics CBD product whose label reads 500 mg of CBD oil, the bottle or container contains exactly 500 mg of CBD oil.

At Joy Organics, we also put a QR code on every single CBD product that we produce, so that customers can scan the QR code and see both the internal and third-party lab test reports. If you’re a Joy Organics wholesale partner, customers will see Joy Organics on the lab reports. If you’re a private label partner, they will see no mention of Joy Organics. Total transparency has contributed to Joy Organics becoming one of the most respected CBD brands in the industry.

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