Farrier day at Dawn’s family ranch, catching up on Rocky Mountain Girls “CHILL CBD Recovery Gel, & Hemp Balm testimonies from Ranch Rodeo Pro, Lonnie Aragon… “This stuff is liquid gold” -Lonnie Aragon

CHILL Recovery CBD Gel / 4oz
– 4 oz / 750 MG Full Spectrum CBD
– Organically Grown Hemp / Lab tested
– Manufactured in USA
– NO heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, molds, or chemicals

Clients are OBSESSED with Rocky Mtn Girls CHILL Recovery CBD Gel! Works just like a liniment for YOU and YOUR HORSE, but… BLOWS ordinary liniment away… acting FAST against pain, sore joints & muscles; bruises, arthritis, hips, knees, plantars fasciitis, neck pain, head aches due to tight and pulling muscles, screamin’ backs, sore saddle butts (or your horse’s back, just don’t put this on before the saddle, save for after the ride!), PLUS long-term recovery affects. This ‘liquid gold’ rocks the hocks (get your horse feelin’ and workin’ their best)! Relieves pain and combats inflammation all in one shot! GET YOU AND YOUR HORSE SOME TODAY!


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