DOES MEDICAL CANNABIS WORK? What’s Truth About Medicine and CBD Supplements – Dr Gill

CBD Supplements and Cannabis generally are those sorts of topics where there are MANY opinions and surprisingly little fact behind the media articles

I have many patients who use cannabis and over-the-counter CBD products and when I’ve been asked about it, I’ve been relatively dismissive and advised them to avoid these products

HOWEVER – I realised that my negative opinion towards CBD and cannabidiol as an approach to helping patients was based on ignorance, rather than knowledge.

To be very clear, I had a negative opinion of cannabis generally. I knew there was an association with psychosis, but relatively little else… and I realised that I was speaking as a doctor – from a place of medical authority – from a position that I couldn’t honestly say was based on science rather than opinion.

So I set out to change that. In this video, I look at the research present in the BMJ about the effects of cannabis products for patients and found some interesting results – both about benefits and harms. Let me be clear “IS CANNABIS SAFE?” is far from a black-and-white answer.

Hopefully, people will see I’ve approached this topic openly and honestly – these are my findings about cannabis and CBD products

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