Narendra makes all of our hemp bags. We are shifting as quickly as we can to only using vegetable dye.

Narendra is a very good tailor, and he hires really good people to work with him. He is very honest and I just love working with him. But, it is basically not possible to make new designs unless I am in Nepal. We tried using video and photos during Covid and just had too many samples that were not perfect. In September of 2022, we made lots and lots of new designs for 2023.

I really feel great about working with Narendra. We loaned him some money to get started and his business has just taken off. He now has about 40 tailors working with him.

One key question to always ask is whether the bag is made with Indian Jute or Nepali Hemp. Many bags are made with jute, but labeled hemp.

The hemp is very rough and uneven. Jute is thinner and has a very even and consistent thread.

Props to Miles Rai for making all of our videos.

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