Drying cannabis in a Hemp Drying Rack is a popular method amongst growers. Why do pro-cannabis growers choose Rivoli? From seed to end of sale, to when you plant, you’re at the whim of Mother Nature. No matter if you’re using cannabis or another type of potent herb, with a Hemp Drying Rack you can control the time your herbs will dry. And with Drying Rack accessories, like our exclusive Magnetic Hemp Drying Rack, you can control the humidity and temperature of your herbs get, so they’ll always be prepared and ready when you need them.

Drying cannabis in a Hemp Drying Rack vs. indoor drying methods is pretty straight forward. Conventional drying methods utilize a convection fan and an air conditioner to dry your plants out of the sun. In order to get your plants to stop growing, all you have to do is put them in the sun for a day. When you’re ready to harvest, all you have to do is take them out. Hemp Drying Racks puts you in full control of drying conditions once your seeds are complete, by utilizing a patented Hemp Drying Rack and a powerful Hemp Drying Pump. Hemp Drying Plants Grow Faster Than Conventional Plants – Conventional drying methods don’t keep pace, they simply don’t.

Our industrial hemp drying process is more efficient than conventional methods. Our equipment dries faster than conventional drying equipment, we make sure to exhaust all the moisture before your Hemp Drying Plants go into sleep, and then we circulate clean air through your indoor growing chambers. Our unique air circulation system allows us to get more of your Hemp flowers finished per cycle, by drying them out at an even rate. We can even leave your Hemp Drying Plants in full sun for up to 24 hours after you have harvested them to ensure that they receive the maximum amount of sun possible to complete their first grow cycle.

This is how we complete our Hemp Drying Plants for your order. We have many years experience in high quality hemp seeds and have perfected the timing and temperature of our indoor Hemp Drying Racks for your convenience. Our indoor drying equipment is completely automated, and we guarantee your results with every single Hemp Drying Rack sold.

Industrial hemp drying systems are becoming more widely available because of our growing demand. Hemp Drying Plants are a very fast growing, high quality crop. Hemp Drying Plants requires very little maintenance, is biodegradable, and require far less water than conventional crops. Hemp Drying Plants are also highly sought after because of their environmentally friendly nature, helping to reduce crop related diseases and pesticide use.

The hemp industry is currently one of the most rapidly growing sectors on earth. There is enormous potential for growth in the hemp industry, and many new industries will emerge as a result of hemp growing and processing, and hemp Drying. There is no end in sight of this incredible potential and we are only just beginning to tap into it.

Hemp Drying is not the same as seed to harvest or industrial Hemp Drying. Seed to harvest is typically used in the agricultural industry to germinate seedlings for planting. Hemp Drying is used to dry, unwanted Hemp seed, and is done by either hand, dehydrating the Hemp using a gas-type air compressor or electricity, or by vacuum processing. Hemp Drying is often used to process scrap materials, and is even used to speed up the drying time of materials. Hemp Drying is different than other methods because it doesn’t require any chemicals, additives, or processes such as milling, spinning, or spray coating; and is environmentally friendly. Hemp Drying can be performed at any size indoor or outdoor plant grow facility.

Hemp Drying is becoming an integral part of the hemp industry. Hemp Drying plants are also very versatile, able to be used in a variety of different processing applications as well as being cost effective and environmentally sound. Hemp Drying can be completed inside or outside of your home or office and is ideal for growing in any sized indoor or outdoor space. Hemp Drying is also an excellent alternative to traditional drying methods for any company looking to improve their manufacturing process. Hemp Drying plants are easy to care for, require virtually no upkeep and are considered completely recyclable.

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