Drying cannabis has become a very popular alternative to smoking because it is safer. But, you may be wondering what the fuss is about? Why use a Hemp Drying Rack? Why not just hang your plants in a window air tight and let nature do its thing?

Let’s start by understanding how Hemp Drying Works. The major difference between Hemp Drying and hanging your plant outdoors is that Hemp Drying involves condensation. A simple damp cloth is used to dampen the Hemp Plant flower and remove moisture from the root (the Stalk). Then the Hemp Drying Rack is used to dry the end product until the moisture on the surface has evaporated and the Hemp Drying Material dries up. Once the Hemp Drying material is dry, it can then be stored either in a Hemp Gift Basket or in your yard to be used year round for decoration or for drying out plants or mulch.

Hemp Stocks is also available. They come in many varieties and are often a better choice than a Hemp Drying rack. Here, a small metal coil is used to hang the Hemp Stocks upside down from a metal ceiling or wall. Hemp Stocks will dry faster than the normal seed-to-flower dryers found at home stores. The only drawback of using Hemp Stocks is they can not handle extremely high temperatures or moist environments. In this case it might be best to use a conventional dryer outdoors or Hemp Drying rack indoors.

Drying machines are another option for drying plants outdoors. These types of drying machines are called dehydrators and the process they use to dry plants involves spraying the plants with water and then heating the air to evaporate the water. The machines can work with only one plant or can dry plants and seeds in groups of three or more. The machines are available as household appliances or industrial models that can be used in businesses or offices.

A hydroponic Hemp Drying machine operates very much like a standard home or garden style hydroponic system. The difference is the air flow through the hemp plant is from the air vent rather than the water being sprayed into the air stream. Hemp plants have natural oils which are not soluble in water; the air flow keeps the moisture in the plant so it dries out without being burned or damaged. Hemp Drying can be completed in less than one hour.

When using Hemp Drying indoor equipment it is important to check the proper setting on the equipment to get the desired result. Hemp Drying machines are generally not set up to dry out the ends of long stems. There are options on many Drying machines to adjust the setting for the end product size. The equipment should have an adjustable spray head or drip feed to feed the end product through the air dryer. Some drying machines have feed rollers and manual action to speed the drying process.

Hemp Drying is done primarily with hydroponic systems rather than air or oil based drying methods. Hydroponic systems work well because the Hemp plants do not need to be transferred into a holding tank to dry like other plants. As the Hemp plants grow in the Drying Room they can be harvested every two weeks and then the Hemp Drying equipment can be turned off to allow the plants to grow back again.

Hemp Drying has many benefits but most importantly is a Green Eco friendly way to grow your own Hemp. Hemp growing is not only better for your garden soil, it is better for the environment because Hemp is grown using environmentally sound gardening practices. Hemp Drying is a sustainable method of growing Hemp. Hemp Drying is a part of growing a sustainable lifestyle. Growing Hemp will open up endless new possibilities for you and your family and allow you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine rather than breathing in polluted air and driving toxic vehicles.