The most important part of drying your Hemp flower is to start the Hemp Drying process as early as possible after harvesting. Hemp was grown in the field can usually contain anywhere up to ten percent moisture but seeds and other parts of the plant can remain damp or retain water for much longer. As well, the air can collect in the leaves making it difficult to dry the Hemp in any other manner. When Hemp is properly dried, it can last for years and provide consumers with an exceptional quality product that lacks any artificial ingredients, pesticides or herbicides.

After Hemp has been harvested, it should be quickly dried. Hemp Drying is an energy-intensive process that makes it necessary to use a Hemp Drying Rack to speed up the drying process, providing a natural and healthy way to save money on Hemp Drying costs. A Hemp Drying Rack is made of metal and will allow you to dry not only the Hemp itself but also the seeds and stems. The Hemp Drying Rack is similar in appearance to an aluminum or plastic tray. Hemp Drying racks will often have slots and compartments to hold other Hemp accessories such as Hemp wicks or rope.

Most people will purchase Hemp Drying Accessories to help them complete the drying process themselves but if you prefer to do the Hemp Drying process yourself, you will need two things. The first thing you will need is an air compressor or power blower to power the Hemp Drying rack and your Hemp Drying apparatus. For optimum results when drying your Hemp flowers, you will want at least two Hemp drying devices such as two Cannister Hemp Seeds Setters or a Hemp Strainer & Hemp Drying Rack. Machines for Hemp Drying are expensive and can be cumbersome when using them for the first time but with practice, they can prove to be very beneficial. If you don’t want to spend the money on Hemp Drying accessories, it is also possible to buy Hemp seeds and sprays from local gardening stores.

When designing your Hemp Drying equipment you will first need to decide whether you wish to use a Hemp Drying Rack or a Hemp Strainer. Hemp Strainers is used to dry small amounts of Hemp over a number of days allowing you to control the drying process taking advantage of Hemp’s resilience to humidity. A Hemp Strainer and Hemp Drying Rack are ideal for industrial Hemp growing where the crop needs to be completely dried on site. Hemp Drying Racks should ideally be installed by an experienced Hemp grower.

The second piece of equipment needed is an air compressor. Air compressors can be rented from local garden supply stores. One air compressor will suffice for most indoor Hemp growing operations. An industrial Hemp Drying Rack is a better option for large scale Hemp growing. A Hemp Drying Rack is typically manufactured out of heavy duty industrial steel. It is designed to accommodate all types of Hemp cultivation, including indoor, outdoor and tallow Hemp growing.

You can choose to rent a Hemp Drying system or you can invest in a Hemp Drying system. Renting a Hemp Drying system is an excellent way to test the viability of Hemp as a crop. Renting a Hemp Drying system will enable you to test Grow Hemp in the comfort of your own home without having to wait for pre-grown Hemp to be delivered to you. Investing in a Hemp Drying system will allow you to control the quality of your Hemp. Hemp Drying systems can be found in most garden stores; however you may want to check out the internet as there are many online distributors that offer a wide range of hemp drying systems.

The final piece of equipment required to make your own Hemp Drying system is a Hemp Strainer. Hemp Strainers are used to slow Hemp down during the Harvesting process leaving the plant with less moisture to encourage quicker germination. Hemp Strainers also reduces the amount of water Hemp requires to be grown. Hemp Strainers is made from industrial grade stainless steel, copper or aluminum. Hemp Drying is not a delicate process; therefore you don’t need to have expensive Hemp Strainers.

Hemp Drying is a very viable alternative to standard Cropping methods and takes much less space than standard Indoor gardens. Hemp is a very strong grower and produces substantial harvests. Hemp is highly adaptable to any growing situation. The time taken to harvest Hemp compared to traditional crops is one of the main reasons why Hemp is becoming so popular as both a crop and a commodity. As Hemp is naturally water repellent it can be grown almost anywhere, even in the most drought stricken environments. Hemp Drying can create jobs in rural regions and can generate additional income for rural communities by creating new construction careers.

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