Why do Hemp Drying and Care products differ from other fiber plants? After you plant, all the year round, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. Hemp Drying Systems lets you take back control right from the beginning of harvest, offering a single solution: Grow Shelf Life. Hemp seeds and Hemp Drying systems can dramatically increase the shelf life of your crops by retaining moisture, eliminating crop rotting and root rot. Not only that, they save you money!

Hemp Drying Systems provides an unprecedented solution for the home gardener. Hemp Drying racks are a simple, versatile and affordable solution for drying your Hemp crops in different growing conditions without the fear of damaging the crop or the soil. Hemp Drying systems work with any type of hoe, including cross-fertilized hoes. Hemp Drying racks come with adjustable nozzles to provide consistent drying conditions and to regulate the rate of evaporation of water from the soil. Hemp Drying racks are the most effective means of drying your Hemp crop without jeopardizing the quality of your crop.

The Harvest Plus Drying System utilizes a high-performance blower to dry your Hemp crop quickly and evenly. The patented pumping action provides even drying with very little moisture loss. Harvest Plus Drying System comes complete with three-year limited warranties for any defects in material or workmanship. Hemp Drying System utilizes state-of-the-art technology to control air moisture, substantially increasing drying times. Hemp Drying Systems also uses a unique electronically powered air pump to maintain the proper moisture content and relative humidity for your crop. Hemp Drying Systems eliminates root dehydration, maximizing the crop’s overall appearance and condition.

The Hemp Drying Rack allows you to dry your Hemp without the concern for costly energy purchases, high labor costs or the risk of surface damage due to Harvest Plus drying systems. Hemp Drying racks are available in two models, depending on your harvesting methods. The first model is equipped with temperature control for maximum drying times and is suitable for small Hemp crops. The second model, the full-service Hemp Drying Rack, is ideal for larger Hemp harvests and has temperature control as well as air conditioning for extended drying times.

Hemp Drying has many benefits to harvesting industrial Hemp and organic materials such as Rubber, Wool, Coconut, Potting Fluid or Leaves. Hemp Drying can reduce the cost of Hemp processing by reducing the amount of energy needed for processing. Hemp Drying can reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed to process Hemp. Hemp Drying significantly reduces the need for hazardous chemical processing, saving Hemp farmers millions of dollars. Hemp Drying also reduces the amount of fossil fuels needed for processing. Hemp Drying reduces air pollution and greenhouse gases resulting from the processing of Hemp.

Hemp Drying can be done in three different methods. The first is known as Shearing, the second as raking and the last is known as Growing in a manner that allows the Hemp plant to go into its dormant stage. When harvesting Hemp, it is important to note that each method of drying requires Hemp growers to maintain Hemp fields.

There are numerous advantages of using Hemp Drying equipment to dry your Hemp crops. Hemp Drying is much faster than conventional drying methods such as Shearing, Raking or Growing in a manner that allows the plant material to go into its dormant stage. Hemp Drying uses Hemp seed as the source material and no water is required to further germinate Hemp seeds. Hemp Drying uses less fuel because there are no spraying or cooling requirements; Hemp Drying equipment does not require any energy to operate because the material is naturally very light.

Hemp Drying has a great deal of potential to benefit Hemp farmers throughout the nation. Hemp Drying makes harvesting much easier because there is less water used than with traditional growing methods. Hemp Drying reduces air pollution, because there are no emissions from air conditioning units or by-products produced during harvesting. Hemp Drying reduces the need for soil, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and the chemicals required for growing certain crops. Hemp Drying makes it easier to reuse Hemp and reduce landfill waste.

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