The advantages of choosing to grow hemp are numerous. Not only is growing and cultivating it better for your garden, but it can be a great benefit to you in the long run. Currently, federal regulations, tighter than ever, almost prohibit the production of commercial hemp. In many parts of the country, the use of hemp is prohibited due to the presence of dangerous levels of contaminants such as pesticide. If you live in one of these rural, mostly agricultural, areas, you may find that growing your own hemp is the only way to be able to have access to this crop.

Did you know that hemp seeds and hemp hearts make excellent snack food? You can easily make hemp chips, hemp cookies, and even hemp pretzels. Adding to these healthy snacks are their amazing health benefits. They are known to be some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, which can help to fight off the aging process, prevent heart disease, and repair the body’s natural defenses. Just buying some hemp seeds at the local supermarket or farmer’s market can give you a head start on your own organic snack foods.

The next time you want to snack on something that won’t aggravate your arteries, consider hemp seeds. Like flax seeds, they are high in healthy fats, protein, and fiber. One study actually showed that people who ate three tablespoons of hemp seeds each day decreased their chances of suffering from atherosclerosis. The Harvard Medical School study was published in the June issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine. The study did not separate which types of artery disease the participants were suffering from, only that they were “healthy.” The subjects also lost an average of ten pounds after eating a handful of those little almonds per day.

One of the hemp plant’s greatest health benefits is its ability to produce natural, edible proteins. Although the plants contain little if any fiber, the proteins they produce make up for that lack. The Harvard researchers even showed that the proteins may be responsible for the “fitness advantage” that humans have when compared to chimpanzees. Eating just two hempseed oil tablespoons’s per day can help improve your immune system, improve brain function, regulate your cholesterol levels, and boost your energy.

For years people in China, India, and other parts of the world have been using the oils from the hemp plant to cook with. Not only do the oils create delightful snacks and foods, they are excellent for helping to treat depression, anxiety, and cancer. The reason for this is that CBD (Cannabidiol) is a key ingredient found in the hemp plant. When CBD is in the right amount it has many healing properties.

People don’t tend to think of hemp oil as having nutritional benefits, but it does. Like any other food or nut, it contains healthy fats, protein, and minerals. The fact is that many vitamins and nutrients can’t get through the small holes or channels found in the seeds of plants. Hemp seeds are one of the only ways to get these nutrients, plus the fact that most seeds are extremely high in omega fatty acids that help the body stay balanced. They are also packed with antioxidants that help fight off free radicals so that you stay healthy overall.

When used in cooking hemp products will act as a powerful entourage by binding with THC (Trigonelline), another substance found in cannabis plants. Since it’s difficult to consume large amounts of THC, the presence of CBD ensures that you get enough in your diet. Also since CBD is a psychoactive substance, when you eat its seeds you are getting a concentrated form of the drug, which means that the same active ingredients found in the hemp plant will still be there.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The Harvard researchers also discovered that CBD is excellent at combating infections and inflammation and taking marijuana in any form is great for reducing pain. Now it seems that the shell removed by removing the CBD and exposing the hemp seeds is great because it makes a delicious high-energy snack. So not only are CBD and hemp products great for your body, but they are also fantastic for improving your mind. And you can use those two benefits to help yourself sleep better at night too!

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