If you think you know all there is to know about hemp, think again. Contrary to popular opinion, not all hemp products are great for you. In fact, some of them are quite bad for you. Some contain only trace amounts of beneficial nutrients, while others can actually harm your body in more ways than one. Before you go further with any type of hemp food or supplement, be sure to do some serious research. Here are some hemp food facts that may surprise you.

* Hemp Foods & Drinks – The first thing you need to know is that this “superfood” really isn’t a real food at all. It’s not a vegetable, fruit, or food, but rather a weed. However, hemp products are frequently likened to other familiar foods because it s so rich in essential nutrients. Popular among athletes and vegetarians, hemp seeds often compared to chia seeds and flaxseeds are often considered to be superfoods.

* Hemp Seeds & Extracts – Another important fact you should know is that not all hemp products are made alike. Although hemp looks similar to spinach, hemp seed is not the same. Hemp seeds have been compared to alfalfa, buckwheat, millet, sunflower, and walnut. Each has unique properties and benefits when consumed. Some studies even suggest that hemp seeds may help to fight cancer.

* Hemp Beauty Products – Even though there aren’t any drugs or industrial uses for hemp products, many beauty and wellness companies have begun to grow and sell hemp based natural skincare, cosmetics, and hair care products. For example, in 2021, a company started selling hair care products created from hemp leaves and stalks. Hemp based hair products are now available in many health and beauty stores across North America. This industry isn’t just growing because of a need for healthier skin, but also because of the amazing health benefits.

* Hemp Foods – In addition to the beauty products, many chefs are also turning to hemp products for inspiration. In particular, salad chefs have discovered that hemp seed is excellent in helping to create a robust yet tasty salad base. Salads can be made with hemp sprouts, hemp nuts, and hemp leaves. Hemp ice cream has also become quite popular as well.

* Hemp Seeds & Extracts – Although not widely known, hemp products like seed have also recently grown in popularity. In the last year, hemp seed was featured in an episode of “The Oprah” show. It was discussed at length and many people expressed their opinion that it had incredible health benefits. In addition to being featured on a popular television program, seeds and extractions from hemp are now readily available in most health food stores. The most notable brand is named ” Hemp seed extract” and is produced solely out of Hemp seeds and oil.

* Hemp Beauty Products – Even though many people only associate hemp with clothing and fashion, the health benefits of the plant are becoming more widely known. As more people become aware of the incredible benefits of hemp, they are starting to use it for everything from hair care to skin care to body care. You can even find a few hemp skin care creams and lotions on the market. In fact, many major brands are beginning to grow hemp into some of their products, such as lip balm.

Regardless of what you use hemp for, there is no doubt that you will benefit from the amazing benefits. The hemp industry is growing every year and hundreds of new products are being developed. Look for some of these new hemp products to help improve your health and beauty.

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