With all this new hemp products exploding in the United States, people are still asking what is hemp and how can hemp be useful? Hemp is, in essence, the complete cannabis plant. And in today’s economy place, it truly can do about everything! This “grass” is used for textiles, fuel, plastics, paper, energy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and much more!

But hemp isn’t only beneficial to our economy; it’s also very beneficial to our health! It’s been used for centuries as a medicinal substance and until recently has been recognized as the most efficient source of natural pain relief, as well as many other medical treatments! The US government recognizes nine different forms of hemp and has become the largest producer of the product on the planet. From the government’s point of view, its goal is to make sure that these products are made available to all, instead of having just the local producers do a good job of making them.

So where can you find products made from hemp? A lot of things have become available that include hemp seed, hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp nuts, and hemp bolts. Some companies, like hemp seed and hemp oil companies, are not even selling the actual seeds, but rather selling the oils and waxes that can be extracted from them. Other companies, like hemp seed companies, are selling the actual hemp seed, but they only extract the hemp seed from the plant and sell it as a nutritional supplement. And then there are companies who specialize in hemp clothing, hemp jewelry, hemp hats, and even hemp work boots!

But which companies are really doing something good with hemp? One company in particular has made quite a splash with their line of products. Maui Jim, located in Hawaii, sells hemp seed and hemp oil supplements. They claim that these products help to make their customers healthier and more “active”. Their website even states that their line of supplements is the most effective available on the market.

Obviously, there are some people out there who are not going to think that hemp seed and hemp oil are going to do much for them. That is understandable, considering that these are not the typical health products that most people think of when they hear the word “hemp.” However, hemp seed is a great way for people to reap the many health benefits that can be derived from consuming it.

Another company out there that sells hemp seed is Garden of Life International. Their products are derived from” Hemp Tech,” which is basically” Hemp” tincture distilled from the stems and stalks of the cannabis plant. Now, I don’t know about you, but anything distilled from cannabis is going to have my nose wrinkling. Nevertheless, this company markets a wide range of different products.

And then, we have Green Mountain, another leader in eco-friendly products. The company markets nutritional supplements and healthy living products that are made from “Hemp Tech.” This product is derived from hemp seeds. It’s all natural, of course. In addition, it is gluten-free and vegan. In addition, Green Mountain offers products for seniors, as well as gluten-free petite chocolates.

All in all, there are tons of great products out there being sold today that contain hemp seed. In fact, many of the “traditional” health food stores carry hemp seed or can order it online. If you really want to reap some of the incredible health benefits that are available by using hemp seed, I would recommend you look into one of these companies. Regardless of what company you purchase from, whether you buy online or from a “traditional” store, you’re going to be getting the highest quality products available.