Wyld CBD offers a full line of outstanding options for consumers wanting to experience CBD. They make high quality, real-fruit infused gummies and sparkling waters using broad spectrum hemp extract. All their products are manufactured in Oregon, where they are rapidly building a reputation as America’s most popular cannabis edible company. They have a true passion for making high quality hemp derived products that reflect the natural bounty of their Oregon surroundings while also providing excellent value and efficacy to their customers.

An extension of America’s best selling cannabis edibles brand Wyld, Wyld CBD is currently the #1 CBD gummy and #1 CBD sparkling water brand in US natural grocery stores. All while remaining sustainable. Wyld CBD is proud to be a carbon neutral company and their facilities operate at 100% renewable energy.
Wyld CBD offers both sparkling water and gummies made with real fruit ingredients, natural flavors, and high quality broad spectrum hemp extract.
Giving your mind and body a self care moment or break doesn’t have to be a big elaborate time-consuming bubble bath. With Wyld CBD, you have edible delights that enhance every moment right at your fingertips. So if you’re ready to balance your mind and body and give yourself a little break with the experience of CBD, you should definitely give Wyld CBD a try.

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