This is the first part of my video, “What You Have To Know About Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana”, and it covers the multitude of products and benefits of the industrial hemp plant. Part Two is specific to the medicinal applications, “How Does Medicinal Cannabis Cure Cancer And Other Diseases?” —
Here’s the original, complete video –

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Our friends in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Barbara Filoppone and her daughter, Summer, have been in the hemp business longer than anyone. Their website is “EnviroTextiles “ —

Our Industrial Hemp website, “Via Hemp” –

We owe so much to Jack Herer, the relentless crusader for cannabis/hemp. Watch this great documentary about his life, “The Emperor Of Hemp” –

“The Emperor Wears No Clothes, by Jack Herer. The Official Hemp Bible. Makes a great coffee table book:

Hemp will flourish in a Resource Based Economy. Our current Monetary Market System Is obsolete and restricts us from moving into hemp production by its very structure. It has to go… now!
The Zeitgeist Movement –
The Venus Project –
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Ubuntu-Contributionism –
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Here are a couple presentations by Peter Joseph
“Intro to a RBE” —
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My name’s Steve Saylor, on Facebook –

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