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Ingredients: Hemp Extract,* Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis Sativa),* 24k Monoatomic Gold, Ormus (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) +72 Minerals & Essences, C60 Carbon Fullerenes, Pure Rose Essential Oil Extract,* Lavender Essential Oil Extract,* Sweet Orange Essential Oil Extract,* 100mg Nano Enhanced Full Spectrum CBD.*

* Certified Organic

Suggested Use: Take 1/2 dropper and hold in mouth under tongue for 60 seconds. Or apply topically!

Benefits: Looking and feeling younger. Deeper more restful sleep. Opening to the third eye. Increases manifesting potential. Helps to induce the Theta brain state. Balances left and right brain hemispheres. Relaxes nervous system. Increases brain capacity. Elevation of subconscious patterns of behavior. Increased spiritual and physical awareness. Increased spiritual “connectedness.” Increased psychic phenomenon. Boosted neurotransmitter production. Increased dream lucidity. Anti-aging characteristics. Increased metabolic rate and cell rejuvenation. Removal of bad calcium build-up at the topical point of application. Hyper-structuring of water. Accelerated or even miraculous healing. Balancing of the chakras. Synchronization of physiology. Boosts the immune system. Neutralizes negativity in the cells. Increases sense of overall well-being. Relieves stress & anxiety. Increases speed of manifestation. Increases human aura (bio-magnetic field)


This nano-sized CBD is not just in an oil and it is far more beneficial. Just 100mg of our CBD is equivalent to 1,000mg of the regular CBD oil. Particle suspended means that nearly 100% of this CBD is absorbed into the cells of your body, and not wasted. While a CBD orb is about 2,000 nano-meters in size the human nuclear pore is only 50 nano-meters, and a cell can not absorb a particle larger than itself. Therefore, by using a special technology to decrease the particle size of our CBD to 20-30 nano meters you are able to fully utilize all of the CBD we offer you per serving. With a another oil you will utilize about 1/10 of the CBD they offer per serving and with an oil CBD that is not water soluble in order to absorb any of the CBD the oil first needs to move into the intestine and be digested, throughout that process you will lose nearly all of the CBD offered per serving. Our oil is much better than a regular oil, but it is not nearly as beneficial as a water suspended CBD like the one we are offering. With Joy Oil CBD you absorb it all right into your blood stream, right away. Our CBD absorbs into your blood as quickly as the water that carries it.

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