The benefits of using hemp products are many. For one thing, it is a natural product, without any chemicals to treat it. In fact, it is considered a healthier choice than sugar or caffeine. It’s also better for your body than red wine, grape juice, coffee, or tea.

There are two major variations of the cannabis sativa plant: hemp and marijuana. And they’re also distinguished by their CBD and THC concentrations. So, in reality, when you purchase hemp products, you’re getting the “real deal.” But, because it is still a natural product, there is no way to measure the potency or concentration of the actual ingredient. However, since we know that hemp is less harmful than other “weed,” it should be considered a healthier alternative to other intoxicants.

There are also various sub-strains of cannabis sativa. Some examples are Chronic Disease, French Montana, Green Type, Kentucky Mountain Variety, indica and hybrid strains. They are all created by cross-breeding one specific strain with another, creating new characteristics for each new hybrid.

For example, we have the “Malo” strains which are said to be very strong. They are typically used for medicinal purposes. We have the” indica,” which is believed to be less dangerous than its counterpart the” Columbian” hemp. And there are hybrid “alian hemp” which display a greater level of structural diversity. This means that when the various strains are crossed, they create more traits and produce a higher quality product. But, as with any type of breeding, the ultimate goal is to create crops that will best serve society.

There are several things to know about the various strains that can be found in the cannabis hemp industry. The first is that the “Calgary,” “Cannabis Classic,” and “Black Diesel” are some examples of old-world, historic strains. They contain the CBD (or cannabidiol), THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and are considered very mild, although some may disagree. Some examples of today’s hemp strains are the ” CBC (Cannabidiol Carcinogenic Tissue)” Arabica “. The CBC has a very low level of THC, but it also contains Cannabidiol and has a very sweet taste.

The “indica sativa” contains only the CBG (cannabidiol) and has very little of the cannabidiol. The “Hybrid Indica” contains the same amount of both cannabidiol and THC. The “Hybrid Arabica” contains only the CBD, has a very mild aroma, but has very little of the cannabidiol. The” Colombian Hemp” includes only the” Colombian”, which is another cross with Mexican Hemp.

The” Colombian Hemp” consists of genetics from the” Colombian “Hemidesmus” which produces the high quality” Colombian “Prendino”. This product is not to be confused with “Colombia”. It is not actually a strain, however it is still a great choice as an alternative to “urger”, hot dogs, doughnuts and other high-glycemic items. This product is highly debated as some claim its high-quality, however others do not agree.

The debate over whether or not Hemp should be classified as” Marijuana” vs.” Hemp” continues. Many individuals, whether against or for the use of Hemp, will tell you that Hemp does not contain the mind-altering chemicals found in marijuana. It is also an extremely renewable resource, free from all the problems associated with the use of fossil fuels. Some claim that it causes cancer, while others say that there is no proof or evidence to back up these claims. Regardless, Hemp has proved itself to be a solid alternative to the common man’s marijuana which is quickly becoming a staple in the United States.