Use this industry wide, industry-specific Hemp Drying Guide to make sure your next crop is as perfect as the day before: How long does Hemp take to completely dry? Are you still wondering how long Hemp takes to completely dry? This is quite a common question amongst the growing industry. The average time for drying Hemp varies between 3 days to 10 days and usually 7 to 14 days. But don’t let that small figure get you down.

Hemp is a super-food with many healthy benefits. From fiber, to enzymes, to Omega fatty acids, and even antimicrobial potential, Hemp is a wonder plant. Because of the scarcity of Hemp seed, the breeding of Hemp plants is one of the most expensive areas in growing this miracle crop. But to grow and cultivate Hemp, one must have access to the proper equipment, information, and Hemp Drying systems. There are two types of Hemp drying systems: wet Hemp Drying Systems and Dry Hemp Drying Systems.

A Hemp Drying system is comprised of Hemp seed, water, air, and a rotating belt or drum called a blower. The Hemp seeds are placed on top of the air and water mixture. Hemp Drying uses a variety of different machines including electric fans, water coolers, air compressors, and belt grinders to speed up the drying process. Hemp Drying is much more efficient than conventional drying methods and has been shown to be far more environmentally friendly as well.

There are many processing stages in the manufacturing of Hemp products including but not limited to, Greenhouse Growing, Harvesting, Seedling, Fertilization, and drying. Harvesting and processing is the stage when Hemp is being converted into a usable product. Harvesting Hemp in its seed form is called Hemp seedling, and Hemp is usually separated from the seed by means of a process called germination. This Hemp harvesting process is important to the hemp industry because Hemp cannot be processed without the complete germination process.

Hemp drying is the second major processing stage of the Hemp harvesting and processing plant. Hemp is generally transferred to the curing and preservative phase where the Hemp plants are kept under controlled moisture levels to prevent any damage to the plant while it is undergoing the drying process. Hemp Drying plants use a variety of drying equipment including, but not limited to, dehydrators, conveyor systems, and drying benches. Hemp Drying machines are also available for the processing stage.

Hemp Drying has two major limitations to its processing system. First, the Hemp Drying process is very slow, which limits the time that a Hemp crop can be harvested. Hemp Drying also has a negative impact on the quality of the final product. Hemp is very susceptible to rotting, and if not properly treated, can destroy much of the Hemp material during the drying process. Hemp Drying machines have been designed to speed up the drying process by adjusting the moisture content, temperature and other factors so that Hemp products can be dried in the shortest amount of time, and with the highest quality.

There are some Hemp growers that like to allow Hemp to go completely dry. Hemp is very susceptible to pests, such as mites, which will damage the Hemp plants if they are allowed to thrive. Hemp that is let go of its Growing platform will not grow, and the crop will be below standard quality. Hemp Drying does not destroy the Hemp plant, but it will prevent it from growing to its full potential, and will reduce the quality of the final product. Hemp should be thoroughly dry at all times to protect the plant from any potential damage during processing.

To get the absolute best Hemp Drying, the best solution for harvesting Hemp is to contact a reputable Hemp farmer, and ask them to pre-heat Hemp for you. They will then take the Hemp and use a specially designed Hemp Drying Solution to completely dry the Hemp, and then they will collect the Hemp. When the Hemp is collected, it is placed in a Hemp Drying Rack. The Hemp Drying solution should be left to sit, so that the Hemp does not dry out, and it is essential to leave the Hemp in a Hemp Drying Rack for the entire harvest season.

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